5 Career-Shaping Lessons to Unleash Your Inner Powerhouse & Position Yourself as a High Potential Leader 

You want to rise within your organization and make a meaningful contribution, but you're frustrated with the politics and struggle to make your voice heard. 

You suspect that the biggest obstacle to your success and effectiveness is you...but you don't know how to start getting out of your own way. 

You spend a lot of time -- too much time -- second guessing yourself and worrying what others think, and it's starting to interfere with your productivity. You've had enough. 

You are smart, well-educated and very good at what you do...but when it comes to influencing other people and getting the buy-in you need to make YOUR ideas happen, you feel lost. 

Monday April 10th @ 2:00 pm Pacific


BONUS: You will be sent the Get Out Of Your Own Way in 2017 workbook upon registration PLUS the recording of this event PLUS a special email offer relating to the Impact & Influence for Women Leadership Lab. 

On this complimentary Master Training, you will learn:

  • You'll learn why the behaviours that made you a GREAT student can actually derail your career advancement.

  • 5 powerful mindset shifts you can make in 2017 that will empower you to become the leader you want to be.

  • The simple shift you need to make in order to position yourself as a high potential individual within your organization.

  • How to build the confidence you need in order to smash your personal glass ceiling and take your seat at the tables where the big decisions get made.

  • How to manage your career with authenticity, poise and confidence.

  • Why women struggle to get noticed at work, and how to make a serious impact in 2017. 



Eleanor Beaton is the President and CEO of Impact & Influence for Women, a global training and development company that helps high potential women reach the top. She is an award-winning journalist, international speaker, coach and expert in high performance for women. 

Eleanor has been recognized by entrepreneurial expert Ali Brown as “one to watch in the women’s leadership space”. 

She is the go-to coach for highly accomplished executive and entrepreneurial women who are looking to dial up their impact, results and love the process. 

As a consultant, coach and entrepreneur, she has worked closely with celebrity entrepreneurs, leaders of major corporations, and founders of international movements including Arlene Dickinson, former Home Depot CEO and NRStor founder Annette Verschuren, co-creators of the Dove Real Beauty Campaign Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk, and leading authority on women and finance, Sharon Lechter. 

In addition to her work with established leaders, Eleanor trains up-and-coming professional women to position themselves as credible leaders that others will follow, listen to, promote and buy from.